Become A Mystery Shopper With Market Force

Become A Mystery Shopper With Market Force Information

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Have you ever been somewhere and wished you had received better service?


Everyday we are always making judgments on the service we receive and this can affect what we think of the brand. For many retailers, they don’t always get first-hand accounts of how their service is delivered; this is where you can help. If you fancy earning yourself a little extra cash and have a bit of spare time to play with, mystery shopping could be the answer for you.

Our clients are looking to understand more about the service and experience their customers receive. They then use this information as part of their training and development programmes. Mystery shopping is fun, rewarding, not too time consuming and the assignments are varied.

We have a wide variety of assignments which range from going to the pub through to airline assignments and staying in hotels. While you can’t make a living from mystery shopping, you can get paid for doing the things you probably already enjoy doing. Ultimately, you will help to improve customer service experiences for everyone.

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