Check-it Age Verification by Market Force

Check-it Age Verification Visits

Over half of 18-21 year olds feel that the way a member of staff asks for ID directly affects their experience.

Age verification is a must for businesses selling licensed products, yet it has a big impact on the customer experience. The challenge these businesses face is “How do you ensure you don’t alienate your young customers during the ID process?”

Market Force’s Check-it™ Age verification and Test Purchasing programmes not only help you demonstrate your due-diligence to authorities, they also allow you to understand and improve the experience of your new and future customers.

Using our nationwide team of over 20,000 18 to 21 year olds, who are all carefully approved to ensure they have recognised and valid forms of ID, you can monitor and understand:
• If your staff members asked our approved Check-it shopper for ID
• When and where during the visit, the shopper was asked for ID
• How they were asked for ID and the effect this had on the shopper of their overall experience

The pass or fail criteria can be determined on not only if they were asked for ID, but where and when they were asked for ID during their visit.

Through KnowledgeForce™, our Customer Intelligence Platform, you can quickly build a picture of how your locations are complying with Age Verification procedures and identify how the experience can be improved for your young customers.


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